“Be a quality benchmark. Some people are not used to an environment where excellence is accepted. ” One of our symbols is David Quality 100%, it comes from the professionalism of one of our lifetime employees David Gimenez.

Unfortunately, David died for undesired causes and cause of that the MIM Group tribute was paid in which his great work was reconciled in the company and was thus one of the identifying symbols, meaning well-done work, professionalism, honesty and humility and that is how we identify. We still remember how David was, he was a great person always focused on work, he was happy being professional, we learned so much with him, we learn how is the way we want to be, the honesty of the people hard workers that don’t expect nothing more than be happy with his day to day and transmit that to the others to push for a better world and we know that. Thanks to that we reached one our first big customer Punto Roma in Mataro, Barcelona an international retail company. He was one of the first to join our team and we still have very present on our company values, for that reason on our uniform we bring the symbol on the left arm, left because of the geniality of people that are crazy enough to change things for better.