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Our strategy



We understand the requirements of every business case. 

2.Project Management

We bring the investment to the right path.


We carry out the managing of workforce, processes and communication.

4.Support & Customer Service 

We provide online support 24 hours and 365 days of the year.

MIM Patchworkservice ® 

"Meet your new workforce"

Small start-up or multi-national concern, countless companies from all over the world place their trust in our expertise. Around 200 intelligent automation solutions are operating worldwide, optimizing the processes of our  customers with our  all-in-one services.

Our team is a high performance group of people from different countries with capacity to bring an investment to the right path. Our main work force live on the factory and they translates this real-world experience into give solutions for even the most complex problems.


"Advancing the frontiers of technologhy"

We develop ultra-high technology  solutions to enhance your efficiency on your fulfillment center.

We apply computer vision, machine learning, cloud computing, adaptive robotics and to product assembly and inspection, changing the flexibility, scalability, resiliency, and economics of the industry. Our team of manufacturing experts live on the factory floor and translate this real-world experience into finding solutions for even the most complex production challenges.

Technologies & Solutions

"Increase your speed to market"

We provide a powerful combination of intelligent software & adaptive hardware in order to automate repetitive assembly, distribution & inspection tasks. With predictable output you will increase capacity and improve OEE.

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