Pallet Conveying & Sortation

Pallet conveyor systems are an outstanding solution for efficient processes with repetitive internal transportation procedures and standard routes. Boasting a modular design, conveying systems are energy-efficient and contain a frequency-controlled drive technology, which ensures flexible in-house transport between production, storage, picking, and shipping. These systems guarantee an optimum material flow and come fully assembled.

Pallet conveyor technology handles a broad range of formats including Euro, DIN industrial and chemical pallets, and mesh box pallets. Plus, Chep pallets, half pallets, and special pallets weighing up to 1,500 kilograms are also suitable for pallet conveyors. In addition, our plastic belt technology enables material transport with and without load carriers and allows the transport of materials up to 1.6 meters wide. Return of empty pallets is eliminated, increasing your Performance.

Customized system design 

Design profiles allow a modular setup, a special support profile for chain conveyors and roller conveyors, powered and rolling conveyor elements, belts and telescopic conveyors. Conveyor technology components and extensive accessories enable a custom design specific to your requirements. In addition, manufactures all individual components in-house—guaranteeing consistent quality and reliability.

Flexibility, ease of installation, and a maintenance-friendly design distinguish the pallet conveyor technology components. The use of energy-saving, frequency-controlled drive technology is also guaranteed to reduce operating costs.