Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services and Other Cloud Providers

MIM Patcworkservice is a provider of international services in the cloud. Our offering retail, energy, public sector and financial services.

We have solid relations with multiple providers of services in the cloud, what brings opportunities to develop and implement services in the cloud ont he most asequible way, using the bests technological solutions nowadays. 

To correctly implement the full potential of the cloud, companies must answer the following questions during each stage of migration:

Start. Cloud Vision What is Cloud and how can it allow better results for my business? Organizational Alignment How can I make the cloud work in my business and in the organizational context?

Converger. Cloud Strategy How do we align relevant stakeholders and business results along a common journey and strategy?

Mobilize. Cloud Governance How do we address the implications of people, processes and technology to reconfigure the operating model? Adopt. Cloud Operating Model. How does Cloud become a central IT service and deliver business results?

Scale. Cloud Critical Mass. Are we responding to the demands of the program with the necessary pace, agility and business approach?

Optimize. Cloud Sustainment & Monitoring. How can leadership respond more quickly to the threats, opportunities and dynamics of emerging programs with Cloud? Innovate.

Collaborate & Accelerate. How can Cloud solutions unlock innovation in the organization?

According to Gartner, “by 2020, a` no Cloud´ corporate policy will be as rare as a `no Internet´ policy is today.” Therefore, MIM Patchworkservice accompanies its customers since companies decide to implement Cloud solutions until they complete the migration journey.

Four phases are distinguished.

Benefits of Cloud solutions

Rapid expansion or elasticity

Ability to refocus on the core business

Business agility Faster when marketing

Access to continuous technological updates and innovations

Mass data management and storage (Big Data)

Optimize the entrance load to new markets or offers

Personalized management: payment for use, payment for growth

Cloud Deployment Considerations

Evaluate the application portfolio to confirm the suitability of the Cloud before migration

Establish a strategy and raise awareness at the beginning of the journey

Establish policies to avoid unapproved use and manage consumption correctly

Ensure adequate security controls to protect key data

Coordinate teams that drive the agenda in the Cloud and address the shortcomings and deficiencies along with other transformations such as Digital, DevOps, etc.

Establish a multi-cloud and multi-vendor strategy with a reasonable number of suppliers

Improve discipline in procurement and supplier management